Breakthrough Teeth Whitening Technologies: Faster and More Effective Ways to Whiten Teeth

Your lifestyle, age and some habits can lead to teeth discoloration. While discolored teeth are not really considered to be health risks, they hinder the aesthetic beauty of a smile. Fortunately, there are several teeth whitening laser and similar technologies that have been specifically developed to bring back your pearly white teeth. Among the new sets of teeth whitening breakthroughs are the Polus whitening accelerator and Zoom! Advanced power whitening.

Polus Whitening Accelerator
The latest addition to laser dentistry is the Polus Whitening Accelerator. With this technology, a cosmetic dentist can easily adjust the laser beam depending on your level of sensitivity and the amount of staining that your teeth have. The secret behind this whitening accelerator is the utilization of a combination of a halogen light source, an advanced light filtration system and a distinct whitening gel formula. The use of the Polus whitening accelerator gives instant results in just one visit to the dental clinic. Teeth color is improved by up to 14 shades better with just an hour of use.

Further, the teeth whitening gel used in conjunction with the Polus whitening accelerator helps reduce the risk of sensitivity by working with a broader spectrum of active light. When it is applied to the tooth’s surface, oxygen bubbles are released and absorbed by the tooth. Then, the accelerator opens up the enamel to allow these oxygen bubbles to whiten from the inside out.

Zoom! Advanced Power Whitening
The Zoom! Advanced Power Whitening works by lightening your teeth’s color using a 25% hydrogen peroxide gel under ultraviolet light. Basically the same principle applies in Zoom! as in Polus. Once the hydrogen peroxide is broken down, the ultraviolet light works to allow the compound to seep through the tooth’s enamel and dentin.

But unlike the Polus, Zoom is a teeth whitening system that is completed in an hour. The entire process is simply broken down into four cycles and each cycle lasts for around 15 minutes. Average shade improvement using this technology is set at eight.

Ardox-X Technology
Developed by the Vitint Company in London, the Ardox-X technology uses hydrocarbon-oxobarate complex to safely and effectively whiten teeth without harming the gums in any way. This cosmetic dental treatment deviates from the other whitening solutions currently out in the market in the sense that it does not use peroxides. This is because studies show that most whitening solutions only use about 0.1% of peroxide, a level which is considered to be safe, but 0.1% is not enough to whiten teeth.

Teeth Whitening Pens
Another cosmetic dental solution to teeth discoloration involves the use of take-home teeth whitening pens. These teeth bleaching pens are best used for removing stains in areas where brushing and flossing are extremely difficult. These whitening pens are great for traveling personalities who do not have the luxury of time to find a dentist wherever they are.

The business of teeth whitening is definitely flourishing as more and more people seek teeth whitening services. With the evolution of dental equipment, it is now possible to have pearly white teeth without the mess and time associated with the traditional means.

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