New Protein Drug Coating for Dental Implants Tested Safe on Humans

If you have bad teeth, you probably would not have the confidence to smile whenever you want to. Worst, you may even have to stifle your laughter just because you’re afraid someone would notice your bad teeth. You can have a dental implant to restore your pearly whites but not only is the procedure expensive, it also makes you eat and chew uncomfortably for six months. For a successful dental implant, you will have to change your diet in order to allow the jaw bones to heal around the metal screws implanted into your gums. However, soon, that process will change with a drug coating that hastens bone recovery.

The Linkoping researchers reported that they have developed a drug coating hastens bone recovery around the titanium screws of dental implants. The application of this drug coating does not prolong the process of installing dental implants because it is only a nanometer thin. The drug coating is made up of proteins belonging to the bisphosphonates. Bisphosphonate proteins are usually used to treat osteoporosis.

The success of the process s was first noted on animals, who have displayed that bones surrounding their implants became denser and stronger sooner than expected.

But the true success of the protein drug coating was determined when it was used on humans for the very first time. Sixteen patients were given two dental implants: one coated with this protein drug while the other is not. Neither the patient nor the dental practitioner knew which of the implants had the drug coating on it.

X-rays taken two months after the procedure showed that the bones around the treated screws were almost healed compared to the adjacent screws. Six months after, the treated screws were much better established than the other. There were no complications noted in 15 out of the 16 participants in the experiment.

How much will it cost now?
Generally, the cost of implants will depend on the extent of reconstruction required. It can be divided into the following factors: the cost of the dental fixture including the type of crown used, the dental implantation, the bone grafting and the gum grafting. You can save on the cost if you will just stick to the basic procedure instead of opting for the optional bone grafts and sinus elevation.

If the protein drug coating were to be mass produced and introduced to the market, bone grafts will not be necessary since healing is made faster.

However, if you still lack the money to have full dental implants performed and your dental clinic does not offer monthly installments, you have two options. You can either look for another clinic or you can opt for mini dental implants instead.

Since dental implants involve several procedures for teeth restoration, you may seek the advice of your trusted dental practitioner as to how you can save on the costs.

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